Opinion: Drop Third Strike Should Be In The Little League All-Stars Tournament

Did you know some baseball rules don’t often happen in the MLB? One of them is called drop third strike.

Drop third strike is when the catcher drops the third strike and then the batter can run to first base. If the ball beats him there and the first baseman catches it and tags first the runner is out.

Another way the batter can get out is getting tagged out by the catcher.

I was in an all-star Little League tournament and there was no drop third strike. I thought there should have been drop third strike because then it could help catchers improve on their catching skills, it’s more strategic for the players, and more exciting for the spectators.

It helps catchers improve their catching skills because they get used to getting in front of ball in the dirt. It also helps them improve their reflexes when catching pitches and keeps them on their toes at all times.

As a spectator, it is exciting because drop third strike can elevate to a double from a bad throw from the catcher. The runner can also get thrown out at first.

These are my reasons why I think drop third strike should be in all age groups in the Little League All-Star tournament, because it’s more strategic for players, more exciting for spectators, and it helps catchers improve their catching skills.


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  1. Samuel Talks Sports is interesting and informative. I enjoyed learning about the drop third strike… is Samuel going to suggest this to his Little League?
    I look forward to reading about the other sports listed under the logo… by the way, really cool logo.
    Mary W.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like my logo. I’m not going to suggest it to my Little League but I am going to post more sports information.

  2. Thank you for educating me on the definition of drop third strike. I believe that drop third strike should definitely be allowed and agree that it makes the game more exciting! This rule could be very frustrating to the pitcher of course who threw it in the zone in the first place earning the out. This rule also puts the pressure on the catcher to do his job and do it well. The way I see it is, each player has their job and must do it well. If they don’t execute then there is a consequence. This is a lesson in life in general with any job; make a mistake and you must fix it. To put it into perspective; if an outfielder drops a pop fly on what was to be a third out should it be an out anyway because he made a mistake? Um… No. Therefore, if the catcher drops the ball on a third strike I perceive the ball is still in play. “Run, run, run!”, I yell to the batter. I also would say “great pitch!” to the pitcher and “you’ll get it next time!” to the young catcher because children need to be encouraged. Thank you Samuel! This was fun!

    1. Thank you. You’ll soon see some more sports info.

  3. Dear Samuel, this piece was a well crafted opinion paper. I loved how you made sure to explain the rule itself, and provided sufficient reasons.

    1. Thank you, thank you. No autographs, please.

  4. Yes! I agree that this rule should be included, for the same reasons you list. It also would help catchers work on their throw to 1st (around the runner!)

    1. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I really enjoyed your blog. Your field review page was very informative and you have a nice selection of pictures. I also enjoyed your piece on the drop third strike. I know very little about baseball rules, so this was very interesting. You make some very good points on why the drop third strike should be added to Little League. I look forward to reading more about baseball and other sports!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. I will have more articles soon and hope you enjoy them too.

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