The Three Most Common Ways a Triple Play Happens

Have you ever seen a triple play? I haven’t seen one in real life, but I have seen some videos of triple plays in the MLB.

I wanted to learn more about triple plays so I did some research. Here are the top three most common ways they happen.

3 Common Triple Plays

Triple Play Option #1

The most common way a triple play happens is when there are two runners on base. One runner is on second and one runner is on first.

The person who is up to bat hits would hit it to the third basemen. The third baseman steps on third, throws to second base where the shortstop or the second baseman catches the ball, then throws the ball to first to finish the triple play.

Triple Play Option #2

The second most common way is an unassisted triple play. This happens when there are runners on first and second. The person that is up to bat hits a line drive that is caught by the second baseman who then tags second, then tags the runner who was at first.

There are other ways this can happen. For example, if the bases are loaded and the batter hits a line drive to the third baseman and the third baseman catches it then tags third and then tags the runner that was at second.

Triple Play Option #3

The third most common way a triple play can happen is when there are runners on first base and second base. The batter hits it to the second baseman or shortstop, and then the player gets a double play by tagging second base and throwing to first base, but because the runner on second made a bad decision and went home, the first baseman throws out the runner at home because the catcher tags the runner.

How Often Do Triple Plays Happen?

Triple plays don’t happen that often, unless the players that are in the infield can throw really hard and know what they’re doing.

Example of a Triple Play


Have You Done A Triple Play?

Have you ever done a triple play? If you have, please leave a comment below and tell me your story.

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  1. My granddaughter turned one, just like your No. 2…….with a small difference. Only the umpire (and, maybe, my granddaughter) realized she caught it on the fly, not a short hop.

  2. Never saw a triple play until the videos above. Tx, cool!
    Wish Larry had a video of Sasha’s unassisted triple play (Babe Ruth above).

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