My Top Five Funniest Clips Of Baseball Players Joking Around

Have you ever seen baseball players joking around during a baseball game?

On the field there are tons of funny things they joke about.

That is why I researched and watched videos of players having joking around, because they are fun to watch.

I did this a lot during quarantine because they took my mind a little bit off what was happening in the world.

I hope you enjoy these clips! And, if you want to know the videos I watched, the name of the series is “Not-So-Serious Baseball” on YouTube.

Now lets get to my top 5 funny moments.

Moment #1: Jose Altuve and Mike Trout

Jose Altuve hit the ball to the outfield. He was rounding second base, and was headed to third base, but he tripped over second, and had to retreat.

Then in a Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Angels game, Mike Trout did the same thing and teased Jose Altuve because Jose Altuve is on the Houston Astros and plays second base so he was near second base. [Minute: 6:15]

Moment #2: Francisco Lindor – “The Sky Is Falling!”

Another time when baseball players weren’t being so serious was when the Cleveland Indians were playing the Tampa Bay Rays.

A player on the Rays hit a really high pop up that got stuck in the roof of the ballpark. Francisco Lindor, the Cleveland Indians short stop looked up because he was trying to catch the ball.

Then, He put his glove over his head because it got stuck in the roof, then he dove for fun and went back to his position. [Minute: 10:16]

Moment #3: Wholesomeness At It’s Best

The third one was when The Colorado Rockies were against the Chicago Cubs. One of the guys on the Cubs hit it to the third baseman.

The runner on second had to run so the third baseman hugged him to apply the tag. This one was the weirdest clips. [Minute: 2:20]

Moment #4: “WHOA” You Scared Me

The Fourth one was when the Kansas City Royals were against the Chicago White Sox.

The pitcher on the Royals just threw a ball and the catcher was coming out to the mound, but when he got to the mound the pitcher jumped back because he was surprised that the catcher was there. [Minute: 11:42]

Moment #5: Javier Baez At His Best

My last clip was when the Los Angeles Dodgers were facing off against the Chicago Cubs.

A batter on the Dodgers hit the ball and it bounced off the outfield wall. The outfielder threw it to second were the shortstop was.

The short stop tagged out the runner that was trying to go to second, and then the short stop wagged his finger at the runner and said “No you can’t do that”. [Minute: 12:12]

Watch The Full Video

Here is the video of baseball players joking around if you want to watch it.

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