What Has Happened To The New York Yankees? A Full View On The New York Yankees Season So Far

What has happened to the New York Yankees?

Well, lets take a look into what has happened to the Yankees before, and after All-Star Break.

Their record is currently 85-56, but after All-Star break they haven’t done as well as they did in the beginning of the season.

I wanted to learn more about what’s changed for the Yankees. So, I researched and looked into player changes and the IL (injury list) to get a better understanding. 

The Yankee’s 2022 Acquisitions

In the Yankee’s 2022 , they  acquired the following players:

  • First Baseman Anthony Rizzo 
  • Outfielder Andrew Benentendi 
  • Pitcher Lou Trivino 
  • Outfielder Harrison Bader 
  • Pitcher Frankie Montas 
  • Pitcher Scott Effross

So they got some really good players right? 

Yes they did, and some of them have really helped the team, like Anthony Rizzo, and Andrew Benentendi, but some of them have not helped as much.

Most of the reason that they have not helped as much is because they’ve been on the IL for quite a bit now.

One of them is Harrison Bader. The only reason he hasn’t been helping the Yankees, or even playing, is because he has been on the IL with plantar fasciitis in his right foot since late June.

For example, former Chicago Cubs first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, has been a strong addition, hitting .225 with 117 games played, and 414 At Bats.

Anthony Rizzo in general is a great player, and the Yankees got lucky that the cubs were willing to trade him. That is because Anthony Rizzo is an amazing first baseman, and is a pretty good hitter too.

Sadly, Anthony Rizzo has been injured with lower back problems, and also Andrew Benentendi has been out since September 4th with a serious hand injury.

Andrew Benentendi has also helped a lot by making great diving catches, and hitting .254 with 33 Games played, and 114 At Bats. 

The reason Andrew Benentendi has such low games played for the Yankees is because for most of the season, he had played for the Kansas City Royals, and for all the seasons before that he’s played for the Boston Red Sox.

Now let’s go a little deeper into how they did before All-Star Break, compared to how they’re doing now.


The Beginning Of The Yankees Season

At the beginning of the 2022 season, the New York Yankees got off to a good start. They went on a run of 22 and 8 through their first 30 games. 

Then they went 42 and 20 throughout the rest of the first half of the season. 

Before all-star break, they had a record of 64-29.

Here’s a video on some great plays by the Yankees


At the beginning of the season, the Yankees blew the Boston Red Sox out of the water with a score of 14 to 1. The Yankees out hit the Red Sox 12 to 3, and they scored 4 runs in 3 separate innings.

Another score was literally the next game, against the Red Sox again, but this time the Yankees only beat the Red Sox 13 to 2. 

The inning that basically won it for the Yankees was the 4th inning when the Yankees scored 8 runs, with 1 two-run homer in the inning, and a bunch of singles to score runs.

The Yankees After The 2022 All-Star Break

After the break, the Yankees record for the first 30 games was 76 and 48.

So far, after the all star break, their record has been 21 and 27. 

As you can see, this is a significant difference in their record. They were winning a lot more games.  

A game they lost badly was on August 18, when they were facing off against the Toronto Blue Jays, they lost 9 to 2. The Blue Jays got to a good start, because in the second inning they scored 5 runs. Also, the Blue Jays out hit the Yankees 13 to 7.

A different game that they didn’t do so well in was when they were facing off against the Tampa Bay Rays. They lost 9 to 0 and the Rays outhit the Yankees 11 to 5, and they had a big 8th inning.

This is also disappointing because now the Tampa Bay Rays have a chance to catch up and take over the top of the AL East.

Will The Yankees Win A Pennant?

To conclude, the Yankees probably haven’t done as well as they wanted to for the back half of the season, but let’s see if they can turn it around, and win a pennant this year.

Also, comment if you’d like a bonus post on Aaron Judge’s season!

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