Was my Super Bowl LVII Prediction Correct? Let’s Look Into it


Super Bowl LVII was a great game!

It was very even match up throughout the game, but in the end, like they usually do, the Kansas City Chiefs came through to win it 38- 35.

The game was fun and exciting to watch because there was constant action for both teams. There were lots of big gains and impressive passes that landed directly in the hands of their receivers.

The Eagles started out strong and I thought they would win it going into halftime. In the fourth quarter, after the Chiefs first drive, I knew that the Chiefs still had a great chance at winning the game.

American football Superbowl analysis by a young football fan.

Was my Super Bowl LVII Prediction Correct?

Well, in my prediction I said that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to win 21-20, and that was partially correct, but not fully. What happened was that the Chiefs did win, but they won 38-35, whereas I guessed they would win 21-20.

It was a very good game, and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts played very well. I think he played well because he had plenty of very good passes, and kept getting good yardage for the Eagles.

The thing that won it all for the Chiefs was their fourth quarter.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter the score was 21-27 and the Eagles were ahead.

Like I was talking about in my prediction post, I think that Mahomes’ ankle got better.

During a play, though, he had to run and the Eagles defense pulled him down by his bad ankle. Afterwards he was fine, but if he had beenĀ  out, the Eagles would have had a very good chance at winning.

In the end, it all came down to the final Chiefs drive, in which they got a game winning field goal.

And, on the Eagles’ final drive, they had to throw a Hail Mary pass, but their quarter back Jalen Hurts couldn’t throw long enough for it to get to one of his receivers.


To conclude, my prediction was half right, because I thought the Kansas City Chiefs would win it, but I didn’t get the score right.

If you thought Super Bowl LVII was a good game, comment below!

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